MODULARITY as studied for years in software engineering, is also central to formal and applied ontologies. Modularity supports reducing the complexity of ontologies and thereby easing the development, use and reuse, verification, maintenance, and integration of ontologies by humans and machines.

The WoMO workshop series, now in its 8th edition, has helped to advance the understanding of modularity as it applies to ontologies. This year's workshop aims to go beyond ontologies and focuses on fostering knowledge exchange between other communities where modularity is or may become a critical factor, such as Big Data and Context. Big Data denotes collections of large, complex and heterogeneous datasets characterised by big volume, velocity and variety. The key research questions in this area revolve around the efficient management and use of this data, i.e., facets where using modularised ontologies may lead to improved solutions. Context, on the other hand, is one of the most challenging problems faced in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Without considering contextual information, reasoning can easily run into problems such as: inconsistency, when considering knowledge in the wrong context; inefficiency, by considering knowledge irrelevant for a certain context; incompleteness, since an inference may depend on knowledge assumed in the context and not explicitly stated. Modular representations of knowledge, including modular ontologies, are one promising avenue for dealing with such context-related issues.

WoMO 2014 continues the series of successful events that have been an excellent venue for practitioners and researchers to discuss latest work as well as work-in-progress. The most recent WoMOs were held at FOIS/ICBO 2012 and at LPNMR 2013. This time WoMO will be collocated with the Conference on Formal Ontology in Information Systems (FOIS 2014), the leading conference in formal and applied ontology, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In addition to the foundational ontology-related topics, this year's workshop encourages submissions that discuss various topics on modularity in Big Data and Context, as well as vertical applications of modularity in particular domains such as Life Sciences, Earth Sciences, Biomedicine, Ambient Intelligence or Social Intelligence.

In general, topics include, but are not limited to:

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